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About, also our Authors

Hello, I’m your friendly neighborhood Coda and I will be explaining what the hell this place is.

I founded this blog because I honestly think narrative play deserves the same level of attention as matched play. Also I wanted a place where narrative folk could send articles too and get them published.

On that last note, if you think you have a cool idea and a dollop of talent, why not send something into our inbox. We try to pay for every submission on the site under our open books policy. Read more about that below.

Open books policy

So, about writing, editing, doing artwork, etc for us.

We A: want you to do it B: want to pay you for it.

Sadly, despite numerous attempts, I havent won the lotto yet, so paying for fair amounts for content out of the gate is going to be a no.

However we do have a Patreon. The idea behind it is that we will have open books, showing our budgeting and the like from the get go. From these funds we will pay our authors, artists, web devs and editors for their work. While these will be token gestures at best, hopefully the community gets behind the site and we can slowly work this figure to a reasonable level. If we do have a super serkit project in development, we will still have it as a budget item, normally with an extremely dumb code name, after it goes live we will breakdown the costs.

Also on this note, we won’t be accepting any press, review copies or anything else that might betray the integrity our content for free products. While in my opinion this is a way more fair and principled way to go, this unfortunately buttheads with the fact that 40k/AoS books aren’t cheap and buying every codex/army book on release for an internet blog is a thing of madness for most people, so again, with a bit of luck (and your support) as the site grows and we have more funding/people, we will slowly be able to support and hopefully one day outright reimburse those costs as we go.

You can view our books here and visit our patreon here.